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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 16, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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where i was tossing and turning, it's an emotional thing, seeing the rush of the parents to the school and seeing some of the parents hugging their kids and some of them are not walking out. i think limiting the tv and the expose tort kids is important. giving them love. it's calm, courage and care. and we'll get through this together. >> jamie: we doll all of that. doctors, thank you so much. >> eric: thank you. >> have a good week. >> eric: you too. >> jamie: we begin with a fox news alert, awaiting a news conference from newtown, connecticut, with the very lateet -- latest on the school shooting, coming to grips with the senseless tragedy. local and federal investigators have fanned out across the state, looking for clues. president obama also preparing to attend an interfaith vigil offering, healing as well to a
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grief-stricken nation. that's where we are all today. this is a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> eric: and good morning. investigators are of course, right now, trying to paint a more complete picture of the suspect. as more questions emerge about 22-year-old adam lanza. what set him on the path to allegedly shoot and kill 20 innocent children? along with the brave adults who so courageously tried to stop him from the carnage in the school hallway. and more questions about his mother, nancy, at the home they shared before he shot her in the face and drove to the sandy hook elementary school. a woman many remember as kind and loving. >> very, very kind, considerate, loving, young lady. she lived here... a good part of her life. she was very involved in the community, very well respected. >> eric: her weapons were the
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ones allegedly used by adam. they were licensed. peter doocy, live in newtown, connecticut, with the latest. >> reporter: breaking news, we heard from the governor of connecticut. he he revealed that baseed on most recent reconstruction, it appears that the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza decided to stop killing teachers and students and take his own life when it became clear to him that authority who is were also armed, were closing in. listen to this. >> we surmise that it was during the second classroom episode that he heard responders coming and apparently, at that, decided to take his own life. >> reporter: authorities are also saying information from the single survivor who's recovering from gunshot wound this is morning will help them piece together exactly what happened and when and where during adam
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lanza's rampage. we are hearing a little bit of that ourselves now, from the father of a first grader who saw his teacher, 27-year-old victoria soto get shot. he has been telling his parenting more about his daring escape, every day. >> the children... acted on instinct and what they were taught, which was to run. and they d. they just ran... up to the main road, 100 yards away. my son and several of his other students were extremely brave in what they did and acted with the courage that i don't know i have. >> reporter: 100 feet away from where i am standing, the connecticut state police of give their first news briefing of the day. we'll bring you the latest as we have it. >> eric: heartbreaking stories that are eamericanning and inspirational stories also. we will wait for that news
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conference, of course, as soon as wehave it. >> jamie: president obama is preparing for a trip to newtown, connecticut, today, choosing to put politics aside in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. steve centanni, live in washington with what we can expect. >> reporter: hi, jamie. president obama heading to newtown, connecticut, to offer comfort do the families and the victims in the very tragic shooting here. reacting to the tragedy, here's one sample from a democratic senator. >> this conversation has been dominated in washington by, you know and i know, gun lobbies that have an agenda. we need for people, ordinary americans, to come together and speak out and to sit down and calmly reflect on how far we go. >> reporter: others are pointing out that school security is a big part of the problem and a better system for identifying students with mental problems would be very important as well, especially identifying
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troubled youth before they could possibly resort to the violent crimes as we saw in newtown, connecticut. joe lieberman is adareicating a commission on mass violence. he also said the entertainment media, often have a detrimental effect on impressionionable teenagers. >> the violence in the entertainment culture with the extraordinary realism to videogames and movies and et cetera, does cause vulnerable young men, particularly, to be more violent. didt doesn't make everybody more violent. but it's a causative factor in some cases. >> reporter: the president is heading to newtown. he will meet with the families and give public remarks at the high pool and return to newtown, later on. >> jamie: keep us posted. >> eric: jamie, a tragedy, so horrific and incomprehensible as this shakes us to the core. and at such a difficult time, many of us find comfort in
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turning to our faith. this morning, pope benedict xvi offered condolences and asked god tho to victims in their time of need. >> i was deeply saddened by friday's senseless violence in newtown, connecticut. and the families of the victims, especially of the child have my closeness in prayer. may the god of consolation touch their hearts and ease their pain. >> eric: joining us is fox news contributor, father jonathan morris. father, how do we make sense of this, with our faith, turning to god? it's so horrific and incomprehensible. what do we do? >> closeness, as both mentioned in prayer and also in personally, being there. if i were in newtown, connecticut, right now i would not be giving an explanation. i would give a hug.
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the one thing that the families tragic situations always say, what got me through it was my faith and my family, those who were close to me and hugged me, even when they didn't know what to say. that's the very first beginning. >> eric: you are going on celebrate mass this mornings, what do you say to the parishioners and to the viewers right now to try to gift people who have been watching this and so emotional, some comfort and assurance of faith -- no matter what your faith is? >> my congregation's distant. i am going to get into the big topics of how can an all-loving, all-powerful god let this happen and i am going to talk about free will and abuse of free will and to discourage judgment. no single factor can attribute such a terrible act. we see the mental illness and the disturbance within the family unit, of the divorce and
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the not talking to the family, all of this takes -- comes into play. there is a factor of evil. supernatural forces and allowing ourselves, our souls to go dark. i am going to encourage people to double down on love. when we see this tragedy, we say that is contrary to human nature, contrary to human reason. but we use our free will as one of parents said so beautifully yesterday, i recognize that i am not angry at this young man because he chose to use his free will terribly. but i can use it for the good. that's what i am going to do. that's what he said. we can double down on love. i would like to make one more challenge. this cross examine, when we are celebrating such a wonderful occasion and we are thinking about those who cannot celebrate in the same way, make a decision within your family to change a tradition, to get down before opening the gifts and in your own way, however you can, to say
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a prayer, as a family, thank god for life, thank god near family, thank god for relationships and to decide that you will double down on love. i think that's what we all can do what we want to do something even when we are not there. >> eric: the doubling down on love. that's a magnificent message. you were talking about a father of one of the children who was killed. our hearts go out to all the victims. opening presents, it's really about the love of family and it is connection of families there. there's mr. parker there, how can we in our own lives increase that love so that we can maybe heal some of the problems that we all face in our lives and our families? we live in a time, when the social media can separate us and we feel distance. we can be tremendously connected. i feel like i have a parish that i am ging going down to in lower manhattan. i feel like i have a parish in
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facebook, twitter. everybody's offering prayers to one another. that's no small thing. we can doing something now, we e more connected than ever. that's a good start. >> eric: father, god bless you. >> i am taking off not to get my parishioners upset. >> jamie: thank you for your encouragement and your love. >> thank, jamie. >> jamie: the father of one of the shooters' victims did memmorrialize. you can imagine the courage of emilie parker's father, one of the small children who was gunned down. her father described a kind soul. always looking to cheer up those in need. >> she never missed an opportunity to draw a picture or make a card for those around her i can't count the number of times she would go to somewhere who was sad or frustrated and
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would go and draw them a picture or write them an encouraging note. her laughter was infectious. all those who had the pleasure to meet her would all agree the world is a better place because she was in it. >> jamie: amazing from such a small child. robbie parker adding that he struggled to explain her death to her younger siblings, but said the 3 and 4-year-olds seem to get the fact that they have somebody that they are going on miss very much. >> eric: we will have continuing coverage tonight. the president will visit newtown. there will be an interfaith vig and i will service there. he will be attending that program. tonight's coverage will be anchored by bret baier. you can keep up with the latest developments here on the fox newschannel.
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>> jamie: li promise i am going to do my fwoaft shift gears to president obama, also getting set to name members of his national security team during his second term. reportedly at the top of the short list of secretary of state, massachusetts senator john kerry. fox news learning that the president's expected to nominate him any day now, replacing outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. let's bring in aaron david miller, former adviser to six secretaries of state and the vice-president of the woodrow wilson center. a privilege to have you here. thanks for join joining us. >> pleasure, jamie. >> jamie: that's an incredible list of experience. as you look at the choice of john kerry, if he is in fact, selected, would he bring to our nation's safety and security and our relationships with other nations? >> i mean, look, the kerry appointment is safe. it's centrist. he's going to be loyal to the president and he's confirmable.
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beyond that, i think the central question is, how much influence will he really have? barack obama is the most withholding foreign policy president since richard nixon, all power flows in and out of the white house on most of the cons quential issues with war and peace with regard to the nation. so i think the question is, if barack obama decides to delegate, rather than dominate, which he did not do to his quite talented current secretary of state, then i think the appointment of john kerry will be cons quential, tell matter f. he doesn't, then john kerry will implement the president's foreign policy. that's what the secretary of state is charged to do. but usually, when we have had truly cons quential successes of state, henry kissinger, george
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schulz, james baker, the secretary had a lot of leeway to create and shape the policy, rather than execute it. that's wawe don't know right now. will kerry be allowed to do that? or will he essentially be an executor of what the president wants. >> jamie: >> jamie: what type of foundation did hillary clinton, as secretary of state lay for the next secretary? >> it's really fascinating. she was a secretary of state who came to the office with more star power and quality than any of our previous successes with the possible exception of colin powell. i mean, she had 8 years in the white house. she was almost the president -- at least she was almost the democratic candidate for president. so she had tremendous appeal. i think by and large, she understood that barack obama is a withholding president and she identified in issues -- they weren't what i would call first
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tier issues. but she identified issues-- the environment, gender issues, improving -- which i think was a very important role for her to play -- improving america's image and credibility abroad through her relentless travel and the fact that she was very good at what she does. kerry's a lot stiffer and more awkward, publicly. he may lose a little of that. but diplomacy is a get-along business. let's be clear. that's its strength and its weakness, at the same time. kerry is going to have to learn how to be much more relaxed and much more accessible. >> jamie: aaron, you mention, it's a get-along business. on the biggest scale we have seen in i don't know how long -- you could tell me -- there are so many countries in turmoil, so much hate for america. how challenging a job is it for john kerry or whatever is the
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next secretary of state? do you see them negotiating with countries like iran, where we haven't seen that happen? >> other than being president, being secretary of state is the best job, i think, in terms of serving the republic. but at this moment in our history, it's got to be one of the most challenging. we are facing in the middle-east, the area i know best, we are facing issues that are divided between migraine headaches on one hand or root canal operations on the other. iran, the arab/israeli conflict, the arab spring that looks to me more like an arab winter in getting colder all the time. these are issues that impinge on america's national security. but i am afraid that our interests are large, but our capacity, our influence on the interests are small. so i think the critical issue
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will be what to do about iran's nuclear weapons program. that may dominate 2013. and i think the president will go to fairly extreme lengths to avoid a military strike against ooh ran. so at least for 2013, that's going to put john kerry in the position of testing in a more serious way, whether the mullahs in tehran are interested at all in some sort of negotiation. managing relations with russia and china will be certainly at the top of the list. and of course, the most important issue of all, how to keep america safe, which is the organizing principle of any nation's foreign policy. if you can't protect your homeland, frankly, you don't need a foreign policy. that's at the top of the list. the intersection between politic, national security. this is going to be an incredibly challenging job at a critical moment, both in the
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nation's foreign policy and its national security. >> jamie: aaron david miller, who has advised six secretaries of states. please, we are asking you, as we see who is elected for this position and the national security team, come back, weigh in, let us know how they are doing on that. >> love to, jamie. take care. >> jamie: all the best. >> eric: jamie, we are awaiting a news conference on the latest on the school shooting in connecticut. that's what is going to happen. it's newtown and the podium being set up, as the cameras and the reporters and the news media are getting ready for the law enforcement official who is will give us an update. this, as the nation grieves, with compassion and prayers. we are learning more about the selfless actions of the brave students and teachers and the incredibly touching stories of the little innocent lives lost. sometimes what we suffer from
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>> jamie: we'll bring you our top story from connecticut. and a news conference is expected any moment. so keep it here on fox. in the meantime, as we look at the job numbers and the millions
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of americans who are struggling to find work, there is a new survey that shows freelancers' income is on the rise. we have career tips for the self-employ in the era of the american freelancer. the ceo of a web site that helps freelancers find work is here. thank you for being here. >> pleasure, jamie. >> jamie: i was very thrilled to hear that the freelance market is opening up. for people looking for full-time work, this is really encouraging. what are you finding? what are the jobs? >> well, we are seeing more businesses realizing that they can find amazing talent working online and more individuals are taking control of their destiny, their careers and saying i am going to be self-employed and use the computer to connect with businesses. we have seen a million jobs -- and i mean that exactly, a
8:24 am
million jobs posted this year with income up over 53% from people working in tech, in marketing, creative, administrative work. >> jamie: how do you set yourself apart from other people willing to accept freelance work and nail the job you want? >> it is a mind-set shift. when you become a freelancer, you are self-employed business. have you to think of yourself as a business of one. have you to market your skills to potential clients. so instead of looking for full-time employment, you are looking for clients. you want to differentiate yourself with really good proposals, as to why you can help the business be successful, why you will provide excellent service and build a really good online profile. the online profile has practically replaced the resume.
8:25 am
it's more colorful and can have samples of your prior work, images, web pages, if you are a web designer or graphic design if you are a graphic designer -- >> jamie: sure. >> samples of your writing. the whole idea -- >> jamie: i was going on say, we're out of time. we have a lot of breaking news today and a press conference coming up. tell me, 2013, you said the incomes are up 53% this year. does it look better for next year? >> absolutely. the trends are -- this is going only one direction, more and more businesses will hire online free balance lancers and it's embraced by more students, more people working from home, it's a great alternative to making money, especially if you work in an area where you don lot of full-time employment opportunities. >> jamie: great elance. thanks for introducing us to the web site and the concept of freelance. if you want more on how to take
8:26 am
charge on a number of consumer issues, go to, click on the america's news headquarters and when you get there, you will see a link to this program, take charge consumer protection. >> eric: jamie, the pain and sadness felt by the families of newtown, connecticut, may seem crushing and beyond comprehension. but it's hitting close to home for the family of christina tailer. she was the nine-year-old girl who was one of six people gunned down in arizona in the shooting that wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords next year. up next, her father. for those with visions of doing this... ...this... ...and this, dancing in their heads... ...we have these. home depot gift cards. give the gift of doing, in-store or online.
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>> eric: newtown, connecticut has come together after the unthinkable tragedy, gathering for a prayer vig toil remember those kill in the horrific shooting and to support the grieving families left behind. we go live it newtown for the
8:31 am
latest. good morning, anna? >> reporter: goods morning to everybody at home. well, the nation is searching for a saving grace at packed sunday morning services like the one behind me, feeling hopeless and deflated as we learn more about the victim who died in friday morning's mass shooting. we are learning more from the medical examiner. the identities have been released of the 12 girl, 8 boys and 6 adults who were shot and killed. in the hallway of sandy hook elementary school. the school psychologist found with the principal who was killed while charging the gunman in an attempt to end his shooting rampage. >> she was a personal friend, a wonderful leader and it's a huge loss for the kids and the community and her family. >> reporter: some folks in the area took down holiday decorations, feeling guilty about celebrating during this
8:32 am
time of tragedy. others are finding a new meaning, with angels topped on top of christmas trees. it pays tribute to the studentss and staff members she lost and loved so much. >> we will get through this. i have lost friends. vilost students that viworked with. >> reporter: some of the parent who is lost their own children, mourning with their fellow neighbor this is morning, in packed services. parents taking a break from planning funerals for their little ones. many residents feel they have no way to help the victims' families, except through faith and prayer. and president barack obama, as you know, is scheduled to come to sandy hook today. this is the fourth time he has come to a town in mourning, following a mass shooting. >> eric: we will have coverage of that prayer service later on tonight, we are waiting for that news conference from officials for the latest. >> jamie: the horror of the school shooting in new tabtown
8:33 am
is being felt acutely by the parents of nine-year-old christina green, who was among six killed in the tucson shooting spree that severely wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her parents are calling for tougher screenings to keep guns out of people in the wrong hands. and john green is here now, christina's father. our hearts continue to go out to you and your family. the holidays must be really tough? >> holidays are very difficult. obviously... our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all of those children and the families that were -- that were affected in newtown, connecticut. >> jamie: you know, john, the thing that struckny yesterday among so many other things, it was difficult not to have the tears well up constantly, is the task that a parent has to do in order to confirm -- yes, that
8:34 am
was my child. dr. michael bodden says, you know, the kids were supposed to identify our parents, not the other way around. how do you survive that? >> that's going to be very traumatic. i don't know the particulars in which the families were able to identify their children up in newtown -- >> jamie: they used photographs. they did it very considerately. >> that seems to be the right way. i wish the parents didn't have to wait so long. that had to be i felt grueling, it wonder if your child was going to come out of that room. >> jamie: i can't imagine the thoughts in a time like this.
8:35 am
what is it that people did for you and first of all, let me say, everything that we learned about christina was amazing. in her short life, she made such a difference for so many people, not only in your family, but others. she went that dito meet the congresswoman because she wanted to do things for this country, even at her young age, she was running for student government and it was an important event for her to attend. what is it that people did for you in your community that we can do in newtown and even here in new york and around the nation for these families that you found helpful? >> that's a very good question. i think something that we may have to offer. again, i am sure there is -- on an individual basis, people have different needs. but to tell the families and their town to embrace -- embrace people surrounding them.
8:36 am
you know, at first, we were going to -- on the way home from the hospital, after we had learned christina... we just wanted to crawl inside our house and stay there alone forever. you know? that was the -- immediate feeling and our instincts. but thank god our friends, our family, our community, even our church -- they didn't listen to us. we didn't realize the scope of everything at that point, the media attention, you know, what was going to happen. but we allowed others to come in and help us. usually, we are very independent. we can do this on our own. but it was so overwhelming, we allowed others to come in and help us where we normally would not. that was -- that was the best medicine, to allow, you know, your church members, your family and friends that are close to
8:37 am
you and in this situation, your family and friends from all over the country. >> jamie: even strangers. >> yeah. >> jamie: we have never stopped thinking about you. thank you for encouraging us to do the same for these families. we can't forget the tragedy. we need to be there for them as we are for and you for the long haul. we pray for you and your entire family. thank you for sharing a part of your day with us. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: we will always remember christine amount of all right. god bless you and god bless the families of those in sandy hook elementary. >> jamie: god bless you, too. thank you. >> bye-bye. >> eric: a wonderful, courageous family. to other news, north korea, defied the world this past week, raising new concerns over its
8:38 am
nuclear program. you may recall they successfully launched a long-range rocket, carrying a satellite into orbit. the united states condemned the move. can anything be done to stop their continuing nuclear and domestic weapons program. thanks for being with us this sunday morning. >> good to be with you. >> eric: when it comes to north korea, a lot of people think they are nuts. they don't care about their neighbors or the international community. they don't care about the security council. they are hostile, belliggerrant and a danger. china is their protector. what can we do? >> one of the things we have done in the past which was highly successful was basically to black list the banks that were doing business with north korea. remember, they have to get hard currency. they don't produce anything. so when we found they were counterfeiting hundred-dollar bills, we began a process of freezing those account, not
8:39 am
allowing the banks to do business with the west. of course, the banks said all right n. that case, we will not run money through this account for north korea. we will freeze it. as a result, kim jung il was want able to rup his program. but we should re-deploy the sanctions? >> who looked at that -- why did they lift it? it was an attempt to give them carrot, hoping it will -- >> exactly. right. for the last 18 years, as you know, there has been an effort off and on to give carrots. we have transferred billions in food aid. south korea has transferred a let of aid. so as a consequence, according to defectors, what we have really done is to help fund their nuclear program through this process. those defectors, senior defectors are telling us, we should shut down the effort to
8:40 am
transfer and instead focus on what we can do to interdict the ships that leave north korea with weapons which occasionally, we do do, as you know. but we should step that up. put the sanctions back on the bank accounts and start broadcasting with a tougher message into north korea to reach the north korean people as we did in the east bloc you? >> are saying the obama administration lifted this and the result is we get another rocket? >> it was lifted actually, under the bush administration-- okay. >> we have had problems -- that was a blunder. we have had this problem off and on, as i say, through the last three administrations. so the time has really come at this point for a different approach. this approach hasn't worked-- i'm sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt you. whether it's the bush administration, the obama administration, the clinton administration had that deal the food and fuel deal. that didn't deter them.
8:41 am
so bottom line -- >> not only-- go ahead. >> it actually empowered them because during that time, they were selling the ability to syria to make a nuclear device in 2007. that was taken out by the israeli air force that took out that facility. but the north korean scientists were building a nuclear bomb for the syrians at this time. this launch was an advertising ploy here to show that they can deliver a three-stage icbm, which potentially could hit the united states. that's why we need to -- to act now. there are reports in the south korean media that iranian scientists were on hand for this launch. so clearly, since they're transferring this technology, selling technology, you know, to iran, to pakistan, to egypt with a scud technology to now to the muslim brotherhood, now is the
8:42 am
time really foritous work in con-- for us to work in concert to try to shut it down. >> eric: a message to potentially incoming secretary of state john kerry to change the bush administration proposal and plan and get the sanctions back on. congressman joyce, thank you for joining us on obviously, a difficult sunday, thanks you. >> thank you. >> jamie: back to our top story. we are awaiting a news conference on the connecticut shooting, a live look from newtown, connecticut. law enforcement officials are getting ready to set. today, two autopsies were performed post mortem on the suspect and his mother. an entire nation is grieving for the lives that were lost in this awful trapping dee. a developing story as the investigation continues. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference. let's listen to the latest. >> the crime detectives are still at the scoobs of the schools and the secondary scene. we are actively working those areas. there is nothing new to report relative to the investigation. suffice it to say that it is moving forward. as i said yesterday, and i will not -- cannot detail pieces of the investigation, but i can tell that you woe have recovered evidence, contrary to some of the news reports that are out there, we have recover someday evidence, it is being analyzed and processed, the weaponry involved, we are tracing all the way back to the work bench, being assembled. every bit of ancillary information is being examined and look at with our federal partners. in addition, the post mortem investigation by the office the
8:48 am
medical examiner is ongoing, hopefully, early this afternoon, we will be able to release factual information on the last two deceased in this case. there is a presidential visit scheduled this afternoon. i don't have the details on that. i know that is being put out via washington. we will leave that as is. we are in the process of -- and i am sure you have seen -- as i explained to you, we have a multiple crime scenes. we are sticking specifically with the school. the school crime scene, the building itself is still being worked on. remember, i told you we had a secondary crime scene, all the vehicles on the exterior of the school. our detectives have examined and searched each and every one ever them. we are beginning to release those back to their owners. so slowly, but surely, we are beginning to complete the exterior part of the crime scene. the governor and lieutenant governor are on site.
8:49 am
they have been actively involved today. one thing that is becoming somewhat of a concern and that is misinformation is being posted on social media sites. there has been misinformation coming from people posing as the shootener this case, posing -- using other i.d.s, mimicking this crime and crime scene and criminal activity that took place in this community. there has been some things and somewhat of a threatening manner. it is important to note that we have discussed with federal authorities that these -- these issues are crimes. they will be investigated. statewide and federally and prosecution will take place when people perpetrating this information are identified. again, all information relative to this case is coming from
8:50 am
these microphones and any information coming from other sources cannot be confirmed and in many cases has been found is inaccurate. so i simply, that's the newest twist today that we want to make sure is perfectly clear, social media web sites with information relative to this case are not posted by the connecticut state police, are not being posted by the newtown police, are not being posted by any authorities in this case. so any of that information and people that are putting that information up there, in any manner, all right? that can be construed as a violation of state or federal law, will be prosecuted, will be investigated and prosecuted. questions. i can take a few. again, understanding that we still are active in this case, okay. >> reporter: a very specific timeline of how the events happened. i am wondering if you can confirm that timeline that is
8:51 am
being reported in great detail -- >> very good question. >> reporter: thank you. >> the only one speaking about this case, to every member of the media. i cannot restate or state heavily enough, i have not and will not put out a timeline in this criminal investigation as it is underway. it is inappropriate. we will not do that. any sources that are putting out any kind of information like that does not come from the official investigating agency, which is the connecticut state police, assisted by the newtown police department. we will not put that out as the investigation is ongoing. i have not read it. i can tell you that. but we have not put out any timeline information. we would not do that. >> reporter: i would like to follow up on that, you have said there were two places inside the school. can you confirm that the principal and the psychologist were shot near the front door
8:52 am
and the children and the other workers were in the classrooms? >> what i stated, relative to the interior of the crime scene that was the shooting took place in a singular section of the school that involved two classrooms and a hallway. that's as much as we said about that. we cannot and will not describe the location of the deceased in this investigation. we won't do that. yes, sir? sir? >> reporter: will you confirm, you said you are investigating the firearms? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the shooter was taken by his family member to a shooting range and -- [inaudible]? >> i don't know that, quite frankly. and that's what i am trying to get people to understand is that we can't take segments of an investigation and discuss it publicly because something taken out of context could be misinterpreted. it could be misinterpreted and not factual, once it's
8:53 am
misinterpreted. therefore, number 1, i don't know anything about that, that particular statement that you just made. number 2, even if i did, i would say, let us put it into the context of the investigation so we can manage it and you can get the whole, complete picture of wais going on. >> reporter: do you know anything about the firearms? >> just the four firearm, we are working with our federal partners and we are analyzing, examining, we will trace them back to their origin. we will trace every step of the way and every time that we can, where they were used, how they were used and how they were examined forensically. a great deal of work must be done on the weapons. >> reporter: any other weapons? >> i can't answer that question. i do not know. our detectives will in fact be able to answer that question at the conclusion of the investigation. yes, sir? >> reporter: i know you can't go into detail or motive, but how can have do you feel that you will get a complete picture of the motive?
8:54 am
>> i am confident that we will put every single resource that we have into this investigation and that we will very every single question that is humanly possible, at the conclusion of this case. we will examine every piece of evidence, speak to every single witness and certainly, our goal, our goal is to answer every single question. >> reporter: do you think no -- [inaudible]. >> just to say, we have not stated what evidence we have and have not collected. i want to make that perfectly clear. how confident am i? we have the best of the best working on this case. we have our major crime detectives. we have federal authority, we have newtown investigators. we have everything and everybody focusing on this case. as everyone know, it's a huge case. it's a huge case. we're using every single resource and our goal is to paint a complete picture so that we all know and the public knows
8:55 am
exactly what happened here. a couple more, folks. [overlapping dialogue] >> i am not a social media expert. so i am not going to claim to be. but there have been indications of quotes by people who are posing as the shooter. you can go on different facebook pages and find this information out. i know members of the press have. suffice it to say that the information can in fact -- has in fact been deemed as threatening. it's been inaccurate. it's been people posing as other people, and discussing with federal authorities, it's a violation of state and/or federal law and warrants than investigation. anyone who is perpetrating that information could be subject to arrest and prosecuted federally.
8:56 am
>> reporter: has anyone been identifyd? >> they're working on that right now. we just got that information as we were coming to the press conference. a couple more quick questions and then i have to go. >> reporter: what do you mean any more information i. the minute vithat, we are going to reduce it to writing and bring more copies and the names from yesterday, if anyone needs it. but the minute we have that, we will bring that up to you. >> reporter: do you know when the bodies are going to be relled to the families? >> they have already started that process. >> reporter: when do you think the children will return to classes? what do you say to the parents about safety? >> a note about safety in school, from the educational commissionener the state of connecticut, working with the governors office, it is being examined on a local and statewide basis. there are many plans for emergency purposes in all the schools in connecticut. all of them are being re-examined and the parents should in fact be confident that law enforcement in every
8:57 am
community, state police, local police, the educators, the leaders of the school systems are doing everything they can to make sure that the schools in connecticut are safe. what i would like the lieutenant to do is to talk about the schools here in newtown. one second. >> we have been working closely with the superintendent of schools here. obviously, we are very sensitive to the families in this situation. we want to move forward very slowly and respectfully. they do have some tentative plans, as far as moving forward with school. the school system will be putting those out in the near future. >> reporter: do you think the children will ever return to class in that building? >> at this time, it's too early to say. but i would find it very difficult for them to do that. but certainly, that's one of the things that they are going to have have to look into. >> >> reporter: kids in monroe are starting later this week? >> that's one of the plans we're looking into. it's tentative right now.
8:58 am
but we are trying to be as respectful as we can. we need to keep the kids together. they need the support of each other. a couple more quick questions. >> >> reporter: without revealing a specific time line, you can say anything about the general sense of the school? >> the most general i can be is it has to be very general, was that the school was forcefully entered the facility itself. okay, encountered... just encountered the students and the tragedy occurred. that's all i want to go into. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> our people are talking with everybody, slowly and surely and methodically. this is not something -- this is something where people's hearts are broken, as we all well know. we have to be sensitive. we are moving as quickly and as efficiently as we can. the people we can talk, to yes, we v. we have spoken to many,
8:59 am
many witnesses. but there are many more witnesses to peek to, including to and not limited to speaking to the youngsters. >> reporter: what about the wounded? >> we have spoken to the wounded. >> reporter: you can discuss -- >> we can't discuss what witnesses have put forth. that will be in the final summary. everyone keeps asking that question. i have to say to you that for us to be able to give you a summary of the motive, we have to complete the investigation. we have to have the whole picture before we can say and how why this occurred. that's not going to come very quickly. >> reporter: any writings, any notes behind? >> i cannot detail evidence. we don't do that. it's simply stated, we have a great deal of evidence that we're analyzing. that's all i can seesay. >> reporter: without


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